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You don't wanna be trapped in here with me, sunshine...

It's dark inside.

18 November 1983
I became a fabulous opera... (rimbaud)

first a girl,
then a cat,
then Eve,
and yet Death,
morphing slowly into...
that which bore you,
teeth and poison,
innately female.

Not to mention her occasional cameo as Persephone, Matilda, or a hedgehog. And, too, that alternate self who is at heart a revolutionary, brilliant, snarky, and bloodthirsty man... California surfer dude, but gone wrong sixteen blocks before that last optional turn left, and then straight on into morning.

This girl owns this land,
and yet,
merely borrowing space
to let my conscious twinges

for you are no longer only in your own hands.

I look meek enough,
but I bite.

This is a works journal. In-progress, finite, maybe, edited, unexpurgated, all. I use it as a phase space system in which to exist and dwell indulgently in whatever pretty AUs are occupying small pieces of brain cells at any given point in time.

Fandoms include, but are not limited to: Nolan-verse Bat trilogy, Watchmen, Inception, Jurassic Park, Iron Man (movieverse with RDJ's Stark), Kushiel's Reckoning tri-trilogy, SuckerPunch, Brave New World (Huxley; book-verse and AUs), Dr Sax (Kerouac; mostly used as an AU setting/component), Sandman, Black Dove(Tori Amos-esque filter on posession-fic)...

Other homes: mercenary chic(k) on tumblr, onemooncat on nanowrimo.

(constructive feedback, commentary, &/or hugs are appreciated)